Wednesday, August 4, 2010

an education

I am currently enjoying the tail end of my summer break before my senior year at ISU. I am working on my Bachelors Degree in Costume Design and I thought I'd share a few of my class projects from my last 2 semesters.

This is my final project in a construction class last fall. We had to create a period-piece bodice of our choice. I chose the Belle Epoch. This was my first experience draping and creating a pattern using a sloper.

 This past spring I took a course in Tailoring. One of the most difficult skills I have ever tried to learn. I would love to master this skill but I need years not weeks. This jacket is still not finished,it still needs buttons, hand bound button holes, and (obviously) a good steam and lint roll. I used this Vogue pattern but did not use the instructions because we had to use old school tailoring techniques. I'm definately gonna finish this jacket when I get back to school and can get a little help from my instructor. I ended up having all the fabric on hand for this project, the wool was a hand me down from my grandma and I had the lining in my stash already--I love when this happens!

For my final in Tailoring we had to make a corset. In my Costume History class and in the Tailoring lecture on corsets we learned about the unpleasant side effects of wearing a corset. I won't go into to detail but it wouldn't take you long to look it up and you would be horrified. Because this corset had to fit us and we had creative control I decided to make mine a little funny. I dyed it a coral-red and I hand painted some sad faced organs on the front with the word Be Kind to Your Insides.

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