Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My sister and I decided to dress up as characters from Alice in Wonderland.
My sis was Alice, I used Simplicity 4015 . My sis wanted something a little different so I altered it a bit and made it more fun. I used Kona Cotton in a royal blue. I draped the back to create the sort of bustle/exposed petticoat look with tiers of eyelet ruffles. I also greatly reduced the width of the skirt, added eyelet ruffle trim around the sleeves, neckline and hem, nixed the neckline bow and went with sweet heart shaped buttons instead.

I was the Mad Hatter,  I used Simplicity 2525 to make the dress, vest, tailcoat and bowtie. I made the dress from a fun feather print I found on the quilting wall at Jo-Anns, for the vest and jacket lining I used costume satin in gold. The bow tie is also costume satin in a vibrant purple. I used a teal cordorouy for the jacket and black Kona Cotton for the sleeve ruffle and collar. I added some crazy fringe to the hem and the sleeves, and the buttons on the back. I used my own pattern to make the top hat out of recycled card board. I found the fun glittery foliage at the craft store and made a corsage.

The costumes were a huge hit and after all that work/fun I think I might be the Mad Hatter every year.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


 I graduated with my associates and then had to pack and prepare for the big move! We are all moved in and Tony and I have both started at our new schools. Our home really does feel like home now and we are getting used to our new town. This is huge for us and a little bit scary. It is the first time that him and I have lived alone just the two of us. We really only know each other so the living room gets a lot of use. It has seen a lot of games, play dough, movies, books, and cuddling so far. I love the living room, I challenge you to come visit and not be happy in this living room! No seriously come visit!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I had a baby shower to go to and I wanted to make another storybook quilt like the Willy Wonka one.
I went with the classic Goodnight Moon, I hand embroidered some of my favorite illustrations and made
the pinwheels using red, green and yellow. I used a soft red flannel for the back.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

for the birds

I used McCall's M5620 and the Alexander Henry Bird Seed fabric featured on the front of the pattern.
 I have to admit when I saw the pattern I thought "hmmm...this could be really ugly" but it is the best.
 I think all the stuff they put on the front of the dresses is really distracting.
I just stuck with one simple black button.
 I definately think the belt is necessary to keep it from looking like a house dress. I made the belt with cotton lined with fusible interfacing and the buckle was one of those bonuses you find in the bottom of a large tin of buttons from a church rummage sale.
If I make the pattern again I will make it a few inches longer but other than that I love it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a nun, a church lady, and a princess...

 For this pattern I used Simplicity 2724. I used men's oxford shirting for the top and I love the pleating on the neckline and sleeves and it was suprisingly very simple to whip up. For the skirt I used suiting, I cut the fabric triple my measurement and attached it to the bodice. I used cotton lined with fusible interfacing for the belt. Response to the dress is varied, it reminded my BFF of "Sound of Music", my sister thought it was a little "church lady", and my son thinks it looks like a princess dress. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

second time around

 This dress used to be a top that I made for myself but I decided I would like better as a dress.
At first it was gonna be a drop waist dress--yeah not a good look for me so the trusty, looks good on everyone, empire waist won out.
 I just cut the bottom of the shirt, cut the fabric for the skirt 1 1/2 times my measurement, gathered it and sewed it all together.
I really like this dress, it is super comfy and the perfect length.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I bought an amazing vintage square dancing skirt at the thrift store ages ago and it has sat in my sewing room begging to become something else. The waist of the skirt was a tiny tiny 26 inches so wearing it as is was not an option. I deconstructed the entire thing and made it into a simple dress. I love the black and white swirls and those are roosters along the hem if you cant tell. There was so much yardage in the orignal skirt I probably could have made two dresses.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

little red

I made this little tote from a vintage pillowcase and some thrifted red and white polka dot cotton.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I made this broomstick skirt with a repurposed crib skirt and red ric-rac.
It makes a fun and comfy summer skirt and Tony loves to dance with me when I wear it!