Friday, November 28, 2008


This year, and every year, I am most thankful for the possesor of that handprint.
We made it together Thanksgiving morning while we watched the parade.
 I painted his hand with fabric paint and he pressed it on the shirt and then we hand painted the details.
He wore it all day with pride,--"Awww mom it's my kirby shirt!" (kirby=turkey)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

librarrrry bag

Have you ever had a professor that made you love going to class even if you weren't all that thrilled about the subject? I had one this semester for Psychology 101, she was amazing and so so funny.
I was actually sad because I took it as an 8 week course and I wish I had time to take more classes with her.
To show my appreciation for making class time so enjoyable I made a special library bag for her daughter who happens to be a classmate of Tony's.
Oh and she likes pirates!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a bag for me

I needed a new school bag this semester and I had Amy Butler's High Street Messenger Bag pattern in my stash. I really like Amy Butler bags but the amount of pockets can be drag to sew.
This patterns called for a heavy weight decorator fabric but I think the fabric I chose was much too heavy, I'm surprised my machine made it through all the layers!
 I designed the apple appliqué and cut it out of velvet remnants I found at the fabric store.
All in all I'm pleased with it, I have gotten lots of compliments at school and all those pockets come in handy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Because the Wall-E costume ended up too heavy I had to think of a something quick for trick or treat-ing. My guy loves robots so I came up with this the day before and it was a huge hit. $4 dollars at the dollar store, $8 dollars at the hardware store and some raiding of the recycle bin and dads work bench and we have a robot costume. I scrounged the sand pail out of the sand box washed it and added sticky foam, pipe cleaners and puff paint. He was super popular all night everyone took pictures of him and gave him extra candy!